Re: well this thread went well....

Date:2019-02-13 20:03:01
In Reply To:Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece by Pirage
..NOT. Anger management classes for all. I guess it's not real anger but just some kind of defensive mechanism where you have to keep going with the insults until it's run its course. Von. bro. You're fully entitled to your opinions however gnarly you are in voicing them and Uziel/Niall has form as long as your arm for volatile behaviour and here is the end result. Stupidity reigns supreme over music discussion. In any case let's all chillax a bit and enjoy the music we enjoy. (Probably asking too much huh? We need to rip the shit out of something we hate all the time..right?)

BTW..still loving the Thornbridge. Can't help it. Though I'll make sure not to play it if I ever invite you round! :-)

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