Date:2019-02-13 17:03:23
Edited:2019-02-13 17:09:32
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D.S. proclaimed:

The young Wolf I saw weren't pretentious cheesy posers.
They also didn't write good songs, which is the main thing that sets them apart from Powerwolf.
Well, that's also subjective. For example, I think Powerwolf blow, the Cradle of Filth shtick makes them even lamer, write paint-by-numbers wimp-friendly shit that makes X-Wild sound like a magnum opus of originality, and attract lonely single men who love Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Queen of the Damned. But that's just my subjective (albeit not uneducated or unbiased) view, as arguable as our two previous remarks. I will say, though, adding Power- before -wolf also doesn't make their name cool or witty, or better than Wolf:)

If we define "better" as Lego-kit knock-off jobs
Fun criticism coming from the guy praising Wolf, a band who did their absolute best to clone Maiden and Mercyful Fate but without half the skill of either band.
Oh yeah, that is certainly indicative of the shape of things, and don't forget old Hansen Helloween - they had some of that, too. So, that was 20 years ago, and the bands of the genre today are so much more derivative, cheesy, insincere, and unoriginal, that it makes old Wolf sound at least like a worthy tribute.
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