Date:2019-02-12 20:41:00
Edited:2019-02-12 20:42:20
In Reply To:Re: by Uziel
Uziel proclaimed:
So you are a "last word" merchant are you?

Well, does not matter how long you have been looking at this board. I have been checking it at least as long as you. Difference is, I try to add to it, for better or worse, when I can. You? You are a fucking tourist. So watch YOUR bitch mouth. This board is for people who appreciate the more melodic side of the metal/rock genre.

You do not offer anything even remotely interesting to this board.
I regularly ream you up the ass, and that is a huge contribution.

You must be boiling over in your little boy pants to have all this putrid bile leak out of you like that.

Must be frustrating to be so helplessly inarticulate. God, you must want to be me so bad:)
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