Date:2019-02-12 20:24:40
In Reply To:Re: by Uziel
Uziel proclaimed:
Seriously ... fuck off.

The other board has more than its share of idiots like you. They will love your cynical bullshit over there. Knock yourself out.
Seriously...fuck you whore mouth, kid.

Keep your insults for your mother. This is an open discussion forum. A negative opinion has as much merit and right to be expressed. I have been on this this forum - this one - for nearly twenty years, and you better check yourself before you start ordering people around in their own house. People don't agree, for sure, we argue, but that does not necessitate a descend to ad hominem attacks and personal insults - and I am never the first to start, but am the one to finish. You cry like a little bitch whenever you feel your precious opinion is in any way invalidated, but all you can do to counter is childishly attempt to insult the other party's intelligence - a sign of being a truly ill-equipped, perspective-skewed, inept analyst.

"Well, you're stupid...and dumb...and fuck you." Yeah, that's about your level.
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