Re: Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece

Date:2019-02-12 20:16:50
Edited:2019-02-12 20:19:05
In Reply To:Re: Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece by von
Man, you have a way to kind of overreact on stuff...

End of your argument is just weird. Powerwolf is very good IMO (Wolf is also very good, see, one can enjoy both bands).

You may not like Powerwolf (I don't give a damn about Organ Oden myself), but to say "you feel like an asshole" when you hear these bands? Wow, your life must be miserable. Even more as a metal fan, when you think everything released in the last 25 years or so sucks bad.

BTW, each Powerwolf disc (especially the later ones) is better than anything I heard from Zed Yago. Talk about a generic band whose albums are average at best...

And as I replied to Pirage, I don't really care about this Thornbridge band...
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