Re: Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece

Date:2019-02-12 19:10:10
In Reply To:Re: Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece by von
I truly feel ashamed for being partly responsible in fertilizing ground for stupid shit like Organ Donor and Powerwolf. I hear these bands and I feel like an asshole. This style deserves some bands that could represent it without devolving into a pathetic caricature. Another young Wolf would be a nice change from these waves of cheese.
Wolf's absolute best is not even as good as Powerwolf's worst, so I dunno why you're clamoring for another band like them. Of course it's not hard to find dozens of other newer bands that also are at least as good as Wolf(cause that's not really a challenge), most of them far better. To each their own I guess.
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