Re: Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece

Date:2019-02-12 18:55:10
In Reply To:Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:
I'm absolutely loving this wonderful album! This is just awesome to listen to. Wonderfully joyous and happy epic choirs all over every wonderful tune. I just love this... sorry lol. The Avantasia is gonna have to go some to topple these fellows from the AOTM award.

I can't stop playing this damn thing I tell ya. Played once on Friday night and 3 times over the weekend and twice today! I need the Avantasia to come and rescue me from its clutches or maybe the DT but I'll always favour power over prog a million percent so the DT cannot be definition be my AOTM. It's between this and Avantasia once I get to hear it! I got it on order but I don't tend to listen to my CDs, that's just for the collection since it's a very nice book. Just need the mp3s...NOW! :-)
I'm sorry: This. Is. Awful.

Not that it's markedly worse than most of the new power/melodic metal field: as with most examples I've examined through Power Zone posts, it's tragically bland. To say it's a predictable under-baked cliche to the very minute nuance would be be a proper statement.

Ripping off Running Wild's most gag-inducing angles may still lead to some intriguing moments, but this is so bad. Singer is tone deaf and weak as hell; I'm sure he thinks he's Joachim Cans, just like Cans thinks he's Damien King I. The words are dumber than the dumbest Running Wild lyrics; dumber and cheesier.

You really buy into this glorious-victorious shit now? How many bands have to say same shit over how many years for it to became a though: hey, maybe we can say something else. Maybe write our own words. Maybe we can write our own songs.

This has nothing to do with anything pig-headed, like not liking a certain style: talent and quality may shine through even within genres one does not listen to. I was one of the biggest proponents of the Running Wild style until it became appropriated by wimps with all the incidental image nonsense that came unfortunately attached. All these new power anthem cats think they're Zed Yago, and they are so not. I truly feel ashamed for being partly responsible in fertilizing ground for stupid shit like Organ Donor and Powerwolf. I hear these bands and I feel like an asshole. This style deserves some bands that could represent it without devolving into a pathetic caricature. Another young Wolf would be a nice change from these waves of cheese.
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