Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer...

Date:2019-02-12 17:58:44
In Reply To:Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer... by Guillaume

I agree he needs better songs. But you absolutely have no love for 2017's Helker-Firesoul? Not as good as SitC but still very good.

And the Lord Divine just released is quite good Sym-X-like stuff IMO.

Iron Mask is too speedy for me most of the time, but the 2016 album Diabolica is well-done for the style as well.
I'll put it this way; other than the fact that he play acted as Dio, I can't remember how a single song he's ever sang on goes. I know I've listened to a bunch of them, but no record he's been on has made any sort of impact.
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