Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer...

Date:2019-02-12 04:04:32
In Reply To:Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer... by Nosferatwo
And a singer can't do both (clean and rougher)?
If that's their identity as a singer, sure. In Diego's case, he was playing with the former Dio guys, so he spent an entire album trying to be a clone. That's weak.
How can you possibly know about the "identity" of Diego's singing? He always had the Dio-vibe in his singing, even on his first album with Helker (in Spanish), 2010's A.D.N. And also with follow-ups with Helker and with Electro_nomicon! And he always had rougher parts in his singing too, they're just more frequent now. The fact he sounds like Dio with Dream Child must have been a surprise only for you...
Russell Allen got crapped on, and rightfully so, when he started trouble to be a tough guy in Symphony X. It wasn't who he was, and it certainly wasn't who the band was.
I was not happy with it, but it also brought the band to a higher level of popularity though.
*edit* Even better example; remember when Sebastian Bach started being a screamer? That was total poser bullshit.
WTF are you talking about? He started to "scream" on the 2nd album of Skid Row, I think he had it in him and he's an Halford fan. Poser bullshit? Don't think so. If you talk about later in his career, then I'm not really aware. But for me, he could have qualified as a part-time screamer since 1991...
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