Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer...

Date:2019-02-12 03:53:18
Edited:2019-02-12 03:55:54
In Reply To:Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer... by Nosferatwo
I meant a "name" in the small metal world, in the melodic metal scene. Yes, Romero and Valdez are names in the underground.
That's where I was going too. Even in our community, Diego's is not a name that is widely known and talked about. Jorn is a name. Tobi is a name. Kiske is a name.

Diego isn't even close to being on that level.
Damn, man, Diego's first album with worldwide exposure was with Helker in 2013! Only its 6th year as an "international" singer. Not the 20+ of Jorn, Sammett or the 30 of Kiske! Never said he had the recognition of these dudes!
Still, I think he's a quite known name, given the number of projects he's in. The Dream Child disc with Goldy, Sarzo, Wright surely helps too, even if you think he's weak on it...
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