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Date:2019-02-11 20:46:16
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if I'm ever in need of a lawyer, I'll be sure to look you up. You have an answer for everything!
Let's face facts; practically no one in the realm of music we listen to is a 'name'. Only the hardcore of hardcore would be able to name Diego. Ronnie played shows with Rainbow, who are a big name to attach yourself to, but how many people do you think could tell you he sang on a Destinia album last year?

The only people who have any 'name' cache are those at the very, very top of the pecking order. Even if we're just talking about those of us who are fans (and not the wider view of the listening audience), you have to have made records people care about to get that kind of name status. Ronnie hasn't made those, and Diego sure as hell hasn't.

Being good is a whole different thing than being known.
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