Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer...

Date:2019-02-11 20:42:02
In Reply To:Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer... by Pirage

This is great news. IMO, the best possible replacement they could get for Ronnie Romero.

Logical choice indeed but I am yet to be convinced by Senor Valdez. On the recent Lord Devine he started to get on my nerves in the same way as Altzi does. Yet on that last Dio worship album he was on he was really great. We’ll see which Diego turns up on this one.
I don't hear any similarity between Altzi's and Valdez's delivery...
You don't hear that their both really gritty and rough?
Altzi is rough all the time. I like him but can understand someone who would not. Diego is quite varied, he does both clean and rougher. And when rough, he's nowhere near as rough as what Russell Allen does when he plays the tough guy...
You're a really picky dude about singers my friend...
Not really. I just don't like overly rough vocals. I should clarify that I actually really used to like the grit in singers like Jorn, Gioeli and NPJ. Then over the last few years I started to get annoyed by singers using overly rough and gritty vocals. I started to fall in love with super clean and more smoother voices in general which comes from my love of AOR and singers like Erik and Lars Safsund especially from Work of Art.
OK, your tastes have changed. Jorn, Gioeli and NPJ, not really...
Give me grit any time over girlie voices or real high-pitched ones...
I still enjoy a fair bit of grit and angst but then I just feel like these guys are straining heavily just a little too much. Altzi in particular. That dude is like roughhhh lol. As an example look at Halford on Firepower. He doesn't really use grit at all and sounds amazing. Mind you he never really has done but just as an example if say Diego had sung on Firepower it would no way have been as good as it turned out.
No, I never ever thought of Diego singing on Firepower!! LOL.
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