Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer...

Date:2019-02-11 19:51:34
Edited:2019-02-11 20:35:34
In Reply To:Re: LORDS OF BLACK have a new singer... by Pirage

This is great news. IMO, the best possible replacement they could get for Ronnie Romero.

Logical choice indeed but I am yet to be convinced by Senor Valdez. On the recent Lord Devine he started to get on my nerves in the same way as Altzi does. Yet on that last Dio worship album he was on he was really great. We’ll see which Diego turns up on this one.
I don't hear any similarity between Altzi's and Valdez's delivery... Altzi is raspier than raspy, not Valdez. And I don't hear lots of difference in Diego's performance between the Dream Child disc and the Lord Divine one. I think he's maybe even better in Lord Divine... You're a really picky dude about singers my friend...
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