Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece

Date:2019-02-11 19:10:16
I'm absolutely loving this wonderful album! This is just awesome to listen to. Wonderfully joyous and happy epic choirs all over every wonderful tune. I just love this... sorry lol. The Avantasia is gonna have to go some to topple these fellows from the AOTM award.

I can't stop playing this damn thing I tell ya. Played once on Friday night and 3 times over the weekend and twice today! I need the Avantasia to come and rescue me from its clutches or maybe the DT but I'll always favour power over prog a million percent so the DT cannot be definition be my AOTM. It's between this and Avantasia once I get to hear it! I got it on order but I don't tend to listen to my CDs, that's just for the collection since it's a very nice book. Just need the mp3s...NOW! :-)

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