Re: Thoughts on new stuff

Date:2019-02-10 13:40:17
Edited:2019-02-10 13:54:12
In Reply To:Re: Thoughts on new stuff by Pirage
Soen - Lotus
Well what I meant is that their riffs and sound are not really easily pigeon holed.
That was just confusion, then. Nondescript would mean there's nothing interesting about it, when what you're saying is it's hard to describe. Fair enough.
You're really quite tiresome with the metal bashing you know that?
It's not metal I'm bashing, it's the attitude that you have to act like an idiot to be metal. It was pathetic when people back in the day said cutting your hair wasn't 'true', and it's pathetic now to think you have to scream your head off to be metal.

Think about the foundations of the genre; Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Metallica; until "Painkiller", almost none of it was about shrieking and telling everyone how f'n metal you are. I'm still young, and even I'm too old for that shit.

I've always maintained that if you have to hype up how metal you are (or how cool, etc), you aren't. That's why it's fake.

This IS true heavy metal brother. You ARE supposed to posture and ACT metal and be CHEESY!
That's not the metal I remember.
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