Re: more new musics

Date:2019-02-10 12:23:04
In Reply To:Some new musics by Pirage
New song by Degreed. Going in an epic pop route. SOunds like a rousing Coldplay type tune with a bit of heaviness in the chorus. Sounds really good to me.

Another song by DeVicious. Super cheesy keys aside this is a great melodic rock tune. Ammunition man makes an appearance here too.

A different Leverage tune but just as good and epic as the other one. They are going for cinematic soundscapes a little like the old days but with a much different voice than Pekka. This track sounds like it could be off some epic western or something.

Denman - 80s rock for ya. - this song is not actually that great at all. Rest of the album is a bit better. The guitars are pretty sweet in this band though.

Another great Iron Savior track. Looking forward to this now

Warrior Path - The Path of the Warrior
A new Greek band playing epic true heavy metal. This track is 10 minutes long and takes time to get going but then goes into overdrive with great riffs and melodies from the singer. There's also a guest vocal from Beast in Black's Yiannis.

Holy Metal Batman! Twisted Tower Dire is back from the ashes...
New song is everything that they had before. Love the gang vocals. Love the true metal gallop. Crest of the Martyrs was one of my fave old school metal albums. Old singer passed away of course. New guy is ex Widow apparently.

Moshpit Justice
Actually not that thrashy of a band as you'd think by the name. - new songs sounds like an epic metal tune with accented vocals. Not a bad listen.

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