Frontiers put samples of their March releases on iTunes:

Date:2019-02-09 18:14:13
I went and listened to The End Machine and LA Guns samples. The End Machine sounds like it could be interesting. Some of the songs sounded pretty good, though I think they probably used their best track for the first single. I'll definitely give it a listen when it shows up in my inbox.

The LA Guns record sounds so bad. I don't know what's going on, but what's with all these bands putting out records that sound like crap? The samples of this one are buzzy crap guitars and buried vocals. The one Ripper has coming out in a couple weeks is a sonic mess, and the one with Roy Z and Chas West is drowning in lousy effects.

I know budgets are smaller than ever, but I see people on YouTube getting great sounds out of laptops and plugins. There's no excuse for records that sound like this. I'm glad I already thought LA Guns sucked. At least I'm not disappointed.
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