Re: Thoughts on new stuff

Date:2019-02-09 13:45:03
In Reply To:Thoughts on new stuff by Pirage
Soen - Lotus
I figured it wouldn't totally be your thing. You call it nondescript. Does anyone else sound like Soen at this point? (I know the first album was totally Tool)

Within Temptation
They did warn us this was coming. I imagine being more of a pop fan will help with the enjoyment of it.

I also played 3 Tremors finally.
It sucks, as does Ripper's album this month. Fake metal posturing.
Beast in Black - From Hell With Love As Nos says you have to raise an eyebrow and smile when the Greek dude starts doing his female vocals but it's all part of the charm.
I don't find it charming. I find it annoying. It's not as bad as the tremors shrieking, but it sounds stupid too.
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