Re: Some new musics

Date:2019-02-09 13:34:12
In Reply To:Re: Some new musics by Pirage
On another point I don't know why people like to bash that Italian fellow, Ale. Ok he's the in house writer and producer and band member for manufactured melodic hard rock in Frontiers. So effin what?
The problem is that he's a big reason (along with the others on the Frontiers 'staff') that so many of the albums they put out all sound so similar. I know in any given year I'm going to get five or six albums from them that are interchangeable, just with a different singer. With that much stuff that sounds the same, it's hard for any of it to stand out as being better.
Anyway you should start bashing Erik soon coz all his stuff is the same too right?
I do say he's getting awfully close to repeating himself. He's certainly a better writer than Del Vecchio, but he isn't immune from churning out too much material.
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