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Date:2019-02-09 11:44:36
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New Hardline
Sounds pretty cool. Nice guitars. Edgy vocals. Gang woaahs. Looking forward to this compared to Gioeli's solo album which went down like a lead balloon with me.
I'm the other way. I liked his solo album, since it was a bit different. This sounds like everything else Del Vecchio has his hands in, which has gotten stale.
Yeah but the solo album sounded like Bryan friggin Adams! You're just weird dude and like to go against the grain musically - I get it though, you're not part of the braindead metal/rock scene but you just like to hang out here and chew the fat - cool.

This new Hardline song has a tasty riff, edgy vocals and a punchy production. Does everything you'd expect a Hardline song to do. I hope the other songs are more pacy and energetic though but it's miles above any tune on Gioeli's solo disk.

On another point I don't know why people like to bash that Italian fellow, Ale. Ok he's the in house writer and producer and band member for manufactured melodic hard rock in Frontiers. So effin what? He has a sound and sticks to it and it works. It's not a real problem if it works is it? And mostly it does IMO. Frontiers is not in the business for selling nothing and with Alessandro they probably can sleep safe in the knowledge that any product won't suck. He knows what he's doing. It'll be samey but it won't suck. He's like the Stock, Aitken & Waterman of the melodic rock world.

Not saying I like every Ale penned or masterminded album btw. I didn't like the second Revolution Saints album at all for example but the actually quality is there in music and production. Ale delivers and is on time and regular. But 70% of it works and judging by the new Hardline song it's gonna work again. Frontiers will never sell millions but they probably sell 10k-15k worldwide on an average release with a few old names on it and that's enough to keep melodic rock alive in the underground. Plus Frontiers seem to sign up all the old nostalgia bands from the 80s as it still sells well. That allows Ale to get in the studio and make a living producing and making for small unknown bands. Anyway you should start bashing Erik soon coz all his stuff is the same too right?

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