Some new musics

Date:2019-02-07 21:47:09
Fortune II
Ok only aor lovers need apply but this is some lush stuff. so smooth, so cool and thoughtful. Not trying to be edgy or heavy.

New Hardline
Sounds pretty cool. Nice guitars. Edgy vocals. Gang woaahs. Looking forward to this compared to Gioeli's solo album which went down like a lead balloon with me.

Another Darkwater song. Very epic and melodic. Pretty much like Seventh Wonder, , maybe a touch less huge but more actual progressive. If you love that and DT, you'll love this no doubt. This album is going to be epic and battling with DT!

The Mute Gods
Odd ball modern prog from ex pop boy Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo.
Sort of listenable track. Socio poilitical lyrics for the enlightened.

Leverage - Burn Love Burn
Epic 7 minuter. Album out in April. Lead single. Sounds good but I wish the guitar had a bigger sound. Sounds like it's playing second fiddle to the keys. Vocals are pretty ok. Second half of the track gets really theatrical and rather interesting and epic. Looking forward to this.

Not new musics this time but a new vid for Tremonti's Throw Them To The Lions. Probably the thrashiest and heaviest track on the album but still with a great melody. Video is standard live shots but is very cool to watch.

Cats in Space - Thunder in the Night
Full on disco 70s rock. I love the vocal harmonies. Like Supertramp, ELO etc. Disco like Kiss I was made for loving you. It's the vocals that are the best thing in this retro band. I hope the other songs are more rocky but I still love this tune. Like a proggy dance pop tune with epic vocals. Their second album is one of my faves. Doubt anyone else will care.

DeVicious - Long Way Home
Didn't like the debut from these guys but this new song sounds so much better. Good vocals and nice melodies. Guitar could be sharper but the melody is super cool. Out later in Feb.

Tesla - Shock
Not one of the classic bands that I have much feeling for. Judging by this new song looks like things won't change for me either.

Iron Savior - Kill or get killed.
I must admit I am huge fan of Piet Sielck. That guy is a great singer and song writer for power metal. The new song is no different. Great vocal melodies and cool riffs and vibes.

Tyr - Hel
I missed Tyr but they're back finally. New song is power ballady.

Anthem - Nucleus
Japan's premier metal band. The melody in the chorus in the new song is glorious. This singer is Japanese by the sounds of it but he's very acceptable even if you can't always understand every word.

and finally not sure who will care but Yngwie has decided to play blues

Some good things to look forward to for me in any case. Apart from the more well known ones that we all are waiting for.

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