February is a great month, and a terrible month

Date:2019-02-04 19:15:45
I've already mentioned the stuff I think is good/great (Soen, Within Temptation, Dream Theater, Avantasia), so I won't repeat myself.

February also has several awful records coming out, all of which are Frontiers releases.

The worst is Ripper's Streets Of Fire album. It's just about as bad as The Three Tremors, which is saying something.

Then there's West Bound, which isn't so bad musically, but the production is so bad and drenched in echo and reverb it started to get painful to listen to. I can't believe Roy Z is involved.

And finally there's the new Last In Line album. It isn't just that it's not good, it's that it sounds like Viv's Riverdogs band, and not at all like the Dio stuff the band is named after. All of the Dio guys have been making disappointing music while relying on his legacy.
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