Re: Jan Review

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2019-02-04 16:37:55
In Reply To:Jan Review by Pirage
Evergrey - The Atlantic
I like it. Their best in a long time IMO. More than just moody vocals over some keyboardy lines this time. Better songs I suppose.
Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos
Pretty good! Not as brilliant as The Cold, but best since then.
Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere
One of the very best voices in rock for sure. Good songs.
Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning
Not as many hooks as the first album. That first video single had a really great chorus and I was expecting more of that. Need to listen some more though. One of the greatest voices to ever sing this rock n roll music for sure though.
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