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Date:2019-02-02 22:11:14
In Reply To:Jan Review by Pirage
Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth
Tip from Nos. Not my thing in the end. 4/10
Puppy - The Goat
Another weirdo Nos tip. I thought I was gonna like it but the more I played on the less good and weird it got. The vocals kept sounding stupider and more childish and the riffage was also lame. Not good. 4/10
Fair enough.
Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere
I thought at first this was slightly less good than the II album but the more I play the better it gets. Nathan is absolutely amazing on vox. I Don't Know You one of the songs of the month oh and Glory Days. I'll go 8/10 and maybe rising.
I was going to include a song of the month award, but for whatever reason didn't. If I did, it would have been that one-off single I posted about from Kim Jennette. I know you weren't so hot on it, but I love it.
Starbreaker - Dysphoria
Tony Harnell's vocals annoy me at times. He sounds too whiny when hitting the highs. There are good songs and it's all done very well as you would expect from a Magnus penned album but it's just not hitting the sweet spot for me. 7/10
The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure - Biggest disappointment of the month. 6/10 for the effort but I just can't listen to this.
It's too long, for sure, and too much an inferior copy of the last album.
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