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Date:2019-02-02 20:56:03
This is a bit late but it's been a hectic week as I had to fly to Sweden for my grandmother's funeral and then back again now so compiling music lists was the last thing on my mind. I did do a fair bit of listening in the freezing land of metal that is Sweden though. You can't really go out much in that weather. I was only there 4 days but enough time to listen whilst I was waiting for the funeral day.

So it's the first month of a new year and I wasn't so sure whether it was gonna turn out any good but in the end I think it's a solid start to the year. The better releases all came out in the second half of the month in the end. I've decided to give a rating out of 10 for each album I listen to in full this year. If I don't listen to it in full then no ratings and I won't be keeping a dismissal list based on sampling either. Just can't be arsed. I do enough bullshitting as it is lol!

Altitudes & Attitude - Get It Out
Pretty decent this. I like 5-6 songs a lot. 2 bass thrashers deliver a pretty good alternative rock album. Ok many will hate it but I find joy in some of these tunes though by no means all. 6.5/10

Ancient Bards - Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)
Italian sympho power metallers with their best and most extravagant offering. Her vocals slight drawback being very thin. Music is amazing. 8/10

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth
Tip from Nos. Not my thing in the end. 4/10

Convictors - Atrocious Perdition
Bad ass crunchy and classic death metal. Great vokills. Great clean riffs and grooves. 8/10

Destroyers Of All - The Vile Manifesto
Enjoyed the last album from these Portugesers now they've changed a bit but it's still good. Much crisper sound and more tight music. Still with their own style and some tech. 7.5/10

Dust Bolt - Trapped in Chaos
Solid German thrash band. Doesn't sway too much from the norm apart from the singer attempting to sing more but struggling. Good riffs. 7/10

Evergrey - The Atlantic
I wasn't sold on the lead single but the whole thing is absolutely wonderful and majestic. Tom's vocals are just a thing of beauty and emotion. 8.5/10

Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos
Hell yeah! This is a great misc of thrash and power metal. Erik AK sounds bloody great. the production is crisp melodic and wonderful. Even the least interesting song is listenable. 9/10

Fusion Bomb - Concrete Jungle
That's my rethrash trip. Love these kind of unknown bands. Big swinging riffs that ramapage all over the God damn place. 7.5/10

Gathering Of Kings - First Mission
Well this album's thread got a bit narky a bit earlier but I love this. Slick and wonderfull melodic rock/AOR. Good times. 8.5/10

In Victory - Uplifting Metal (EP)
3 tracker of speedy happy power metal. Quite joyous. No rates for EPs.

Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere
I thought at first this was slightly less good than the II album but the more I play the better it gets. Nathan is absolutely amazing on vox. I Don't Know You one of the songs of the month oh and Glory Days. I'll go 8/10 and maybe rising.

Lazy Bonez - Kiss of the Night
Pretty good melodic metal effort overall but not amazing in the end. 6.5/10

Metal Inquisitor - Panopticon
Trad metal from Germany. Quite enjoyable really. 7.5/10

Puppy - The Goat
Another weirdo Nos tip. I thought I was gonna like it but the more I played on the less good and weird it got. The vocals kept sounding stupider and more childish and the riffage was also lame. Not good. 4/10

Soilwork - Verkligheten
Diverse, very melodic and pretty heavy. Delicate and yet brutal too. Much more melodic than usual especially vocally. I like it. best since Stabbing the Drama. 8/10

Starbreaker - Dysphoria
Tony Harnell's vocals annoy me at times. He sounds too whiny when hitting the highs. There are good songs and it's all done very well as you would expect from a Magnus penned album but it's just not hitting the sweet spot for me. 7/10

Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning
What an absolutely wonderful singer Toby is. This boy should be on the west end stage. Damn he's good. What a great set of tunes they wrote for him too. Very happy with this. 9/10

Wake The Nations - Heartrock
Bolt from the blue this one. Fantastic crunchy melodic rock with big riffs. Vocals not amazing but he's ok. Songs are very catchy. 8.5/10

Albums I played in full but am unsure about or dismissed:

Bloody Times - On A Mission - bad vocals
Carnal Forge - Gun To Mouth Salvation - Mix between testament and Carcass but not nearly as good as that sounds
Corroded - Bitter - modern rock is ok but mostly boring
Delfinia - Deep Elevation - actually I enjoyed this. Might make it. 6/10 at the mo.
Desecravity - Anathema - hyper brutal and savage tech death
Gloryful - Cult of Sedna - like a bad Grave Digger
Incite - Built to Destroy - like a more brutal Soulfly
Lahmia - Resilience - like an ok Amon Amarth
Road Mutant - Back to the Green Zone (EP) - crusty thrashgrind 3 tracker. Not bad.
The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure - Biggest disappointment of the month. 6/10 for the effort but I just can't listen to this.
Violblast - Theater Of Despair - Disappointed in this. Intricate riffs are missing. It's all bludgeon whilst the production has got much heavier. 5/10

Leftovers from 2018:
Bangover - Shovel Butcher
Fun and stoopid thrash from right here in good old London town. Fun shit for a while. 7/10

Masquerage - Hangman's Revelations
Decent melodic album from late last year. 7.5/10

Sufosia - Blazing Energy
I forget where these guys are from but they are the Metallica copy of that country. Old school Metallica that is. Not bad at all 7.5/10

AOTM is a tie between F&J and Toby Hitchcock, but I'll give it to Flotz. That's just a cracking listen for metal heads of all shapes and sizes. Great mix of power, melody and thrashing with Erik AK's vocals the icing on the cake. Roll on February with some big albums on the way as Nos will tell ya! :-)

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