Nos' Record Roundup: January

Date:2019-01-26 17:54:41
The new year has gotten off to an... interesting start. I've had the pleasure to listen to a handful of really good and great albums, but they are all February releases, and I'm a stickler, so they aren't going to appear in this post. They'll come next month, in what looks like a loaded slate.

January wasn't a great month, by any stretch. Coming off a year that was packed with music I really enjoyed, I was hoping we were going to start out hot. That didn't exactly happen. The biggest one on the schedule, for me, was a disappointment, and a couple of others that could have been really good haven't stuck with me. That makes it pretty easy to declare a winner for this month, since there was only one record I feel qualified for that discussion. So let's run through the notable stuff:

Album Of The Month: Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere

The band that just imploded did so right after making their best record. The first two never really did much for me, but this one has hit the sweet spot. For whatever reason, the songs are stickier this time around, and I really like the organic guitar tones. It's the same idea as Greta Van Fleet, but done with a much more generic vintage approach. Too bad the band broke up. I worry what comes next.

The Good/Decent:

Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth

This is one I was pointed to that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. We get some straight-up rock and roll, with some good songs and a good singer in Beth. It reminds me of a similar album from a couple years ago that I really loved (which is getting its follow-up soon). I think I've made it clear I tend to enjoy rock with these kinds of women's voices powering things. That trend strikes again. A good record.

Puppy - The Goat

This one is a mix of some almost metal guitars with Weezer-esque power pop. It's sort of like the last Ghost record, without the Satanism, and with a bit less cheese on the whole thing. It's an interesting sound, and most of the songs are quite catchy and enjoyable.

Soilwork - Verkligheten

I've never been much of a Soilwork fan, and I'm not sure why. This record is good, but it doesn't change that. Other than a riff here and there, it almost feels like The Night Flight Orchestra with a few growls along the way. I don't get the massive love for that band, so this is one of the records I kind of like, but it fades away rather quickly.

Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure

This is another one that is good for what it is, but I simply don't want another double concept album right now. We just got one, and this one isn't as good as that was. It's too much music, and when it isn't exceptional, it really drags.

Evergrey - The Atlantic

For me, it's their best album since "Torn". It's not as good as that one, but they have a little more energy and effort to the choruses this time, with Tom crooning nothing less often. I still think they rely too much on being dramatic, and don't deliver enough with the songs, but they're enjoyable when I'm in the mood.

The Bad:

The Three Tremors - The Three Tremors

This record sucks. I'm not going to try to find the bright side, or sugar-coat it. I hated having to sit through an entire album of these three screaming their heads off. It sounded awful, the songs were barely mediocre, and I'm still annoyed the stole the (dumb as all hell) name associated with the Dickinson/Halford/Dio project that never came to be. All they ended up with was an embarrassment.

February is going to be good. I've already heard Soen, Avantasia, Dream Theater and Within Temptation, and love them all. That's setting up a huge month, and getting the year on-track.
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