Re: Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere

Date:2019-01-17 10:33:12
In Reply To:Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere by Nosferatwo
I had hoped to say something about this earlier, but oh well. We're here now.

I didn't buy into them on either of the first two records. I don't know why, but I didn't think they were all that good, even though he's a good singer. That changes this time.
On first listen it seems to have less big hits than Inglorious II. The production is pretty similar. But here's the big deal - Nathan's vocals are absolutely mesmerising and vastly improved IMO. The guy can seriously sing damn it. Seeing him and the new band in a couple of weeks. This fella is a hell of a voice. He wants to big star like say Coverdale or Plant and he has the voice to match. I don't love every song on the new album by any means but I can listen to Nathan sing all bloody day and night!

To me, this is easily their best record. It sounds gritty and vintage, but the songs are a lot more memorable for me this time. It doesn't sound anything like Graveyard (ok, the guitar tone sounds like their first album), but it's standing out in the same way. It's cool, bluesy, yet melodically strong.

95% of the bands that have a 'classic rock' sound are boring and worthless. This falls into the other 5%.

That makes it a shame this version of the band broke up. They've finally got it right, and now he has to start again with a whole new bunch of musicians. I don't know if that will throw them off-course or not.
Well I'll see the new band soon and see how the gig goes. It's already their biggest headline event in the UK so big things are expected.

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