Re: I am not sure ....

Date:2019-01-17 00:21:37
In Reply To:Re: I am not sure .... by Uziel
And the visuals? Jesus. STOP defending this guy. Either he has the worst people in the world to advise him or else he is mentally retarded. There is no other explanation..
What do you mean exactly about the "visuals"? The way he actually looks? His beard or goatee? His stage presence? I never thought he had a great look (he looked better in the early 00s wihout goatee IMO), nor a great stage presence. But as I never see him live anyway (will be a first next May with Avantasia for me), I can live with that. He's still a great singer for me and I love good basic hard rocking stuff, so I'm still liking his albums.

You? Stop playing his stuff or watch him would be my best advice...
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