Date:2019-01-13 19:44:42
In Reply To:Re: by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
Really? Acoustic, right? What instruments/gear do you use?
I have both. I've got an 80s Fender acoustic that's pretty nice, and an Epiphone Les Paul from one of the limited editions that I love. I don't have any good amps, though, since I'm not a performer. But yes, most of the time I'm playing acoustic. It just happens to be what I'm more in tune with, as a musician.
Of course.

Yeah, it all fits.

So, then, your playing is basically the same whether you're plugged in or not, just louder.

Really? I noticed you skipped the bends - bends are pure shit also, right? Now, what about, say, Earl Slick or Mick Ronson - are they also unimpressive shit players?
I've got no problem with bending notes. I just don't like the techniques that sounds like squealing. That doesn't sound pleasant to me.
Ah, so bends without harmonics are OK, then? In other words, it's the harmonics that are the problem? So, "screaming guitar" is not your thing. What about use of feedback as part of sound, is that shit also?
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