Date:2019-01-13 17:51:07
Edited:2019-01-13 18:01:01
In Reply To:Re: by von
Really? Acoustic, right? What instruments/gear do you use?
I have both. I've got an 80s Fender acoustic that's pretty nice, and an Epiphone Les Paul from one of the limited editions that I love. I don't have any good amps, though, since I'm not a performer. But yes, most of the time I'm playing acoustic. It just happens to be what I'm more in tune with, as a musician.

Really? I noticed you skipped the bends - bends are pure shit also, right? Now, what about, say, Earl Slick or Mick Ronson - are they also unimpressive shit players?
I've got no problem with bending notes. I just don't like the techniques that sounds like squealing. That doesn't sound pleasant to me.
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