Re: New Beast In Black & The End Machine Songs:

Date:2019-01-11 21:02:32
In Reply To:New Beast In Black & The End Machine Songs: by Nosferatwo
The End Machine:
Sounds ok especially in the chorus. Not a big fan of the rest of it. I'll defo check it though.

Beast In Black:

They're both pretty good. I still laugh at how Beast In Black's singer sounds incredibly feminine when singing softer. So far their two songs have sounded a bit better than the first record; not as ludicrous.

The other song is better than I was thinking, considering I've never cared even a bit about Dokken, and George Lynch sounds like any other 80s guitar player to me. This one sounds like it could be better than the albums he made with Michael Sweet.
The BIB is hilariously cheesy. I'm surprised how dancy it is. Surely I would've thought the first song would be the only real 80s throwback song but this one is just more of the same. Super cheesy but catchy as a bad rash. I hope this is not totally indicative of the whole thing though.

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