Re: Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere

Date:2019-01-09 22:19:27
In Reply To:Re: Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere by Uziel
Ok. I really do think I can live without any mainstream sing along show as a measure against who or who is not talented.
Like I said, I don't watch any of them anymore, nor do I look to them for validation. But if I happen to hear a voice from one that I think has something to it, I'm not going to discount where it came from.
The chances are a million to one against them being anything special. You know that and I know that.
I don't, actually. As I was saying, I absolutely adore Dilana, and she was on Rockstar:Supernova, with Tommy Lee of all people. That doesn't effect how I hear her. And I also like a fair amount of what Kelly Clarkson has done, plus the first two Daughtry albums. There's three for me.
For some reason you and Pirage have a thing about it, and him
If by him, you mean the guy from Inglorious, I certainly do not. I heard the praise, but I didn't care at all for the first two records they made.
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