Re: Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere

Date:2019-01-09 16:29:47
In Reply To:Re: Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere by Uziel
This is the Saffire dude right? Bluesy rock/metal does zilch for me and I think this is what this band has to offer. I guess maybe the album title was their epitaph.
This is Nathan James' band. Nothing to do with Saffire. Nathan was famous for being on The Voice UK. he didn't win but got a bit of fame and help to set up Inglorious with Planet Rock bigging him up. I don't like blues either but I love Nathan's voice. He's a brilliant singer and great live too. Seeing the new incarnation on Feb 1. Hopefully I'll have heard the new album a few times before then. He's had issues with ego like most singers. I hope the new band is as good as the old one which was stellar. They play big places too drawing easily over 1000 people. Looking forward to the new album.

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