Re: The Rest of 2017

Date:2017-10-08 12:12:27
In Reply To:The Rest of 2017 by Pirage
Power Quest - Sixth Dimension
Fozzy - Judas
Bigfoot - st
Vuur - In This Moment We Are Free
Sorcerer - The Crowning of the Fire King
I've already heard all of these. My quick thoughts would be:

Power Quest - Too generic
Fozzy - Improving, but they're still only good
Bigfoot - Promising, but misguided
Vuur - Long, but pretty darn good
Sorcerer - Excellent melodic doom
Keldian - Darkness and Light
I didn't realize they had a new one coming out. I still love the first album, but that's about it from them. They haven't recaptured that lightning yet.
Communic - Where Echoes Gather
The Dark Element - st
Waiting to get these soon. I'm losing my excitement for Communic. Nothing I've heard so far has interested me. The Dark Element could be good though.
Beast In Black - Berserker
It's in my queue. The vocals on that first track released were so ridiculous, but the song was good, so when I get the time to run through it, I hope it's as good.

I've also heard the new Ne Obliviscaris. It sounds like a mix between Opeth and the Dave Matthews Band. Talk about a weird mish-mash of ideas.
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