Re: My Top 20 Heavy/Power Metal albums of the 90s

Date:2017-10-04 23:50:20
In Reply To:My Top 20 Heavy/Power Metal albums of the 90s by Pirage
My list is short if I restrict it to pure power metal. I listened to more than what I list here, but the other stuff didn't grab me enough to make the list.

6. Gamma Ray - Powerplant: Gamma Ray in full Priest worship mode. Very high highs ("Gardens Of The Sinner", "Send Me A Sign") with a few pretty low lows ("Heavy Metal Universe", "Short As Hell"). A strong entry overall.

5. Angra - Holy Land: A great, unique sound with native Brazilian instruments and an inherently Brazilian story. Matos's voice is a bit polarizing, but if you can get into it, this album has a ton to offer.

4. Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight: Cheesy, but glorious. If you like Yngwie albums from the 1980s, this is like one of those turned up to 11. That description doesn't really do it justice, but I think it helps to explain why I really like Luca Turilli's solo albums while not liking Rhapsody as much.

3. Nightwish - Oceanborn: So many great songs, such a pioneering sound. I come back to this over and over again. The only bummer is the injection of unnecessary extreme vocals on a few tracks.

2. Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In Space: The first half of this album is arguably one of the strongest in power metal -- one awesome song after another. The end of the solo in "No Stranger" still gives me chills every time I hear it. The second half of the album doesn't fare quite as well, but "Watcher In The Sky" is great, and "Cosmic Chaos" and "Lost In The Future" are the only real stinkers.

1. Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free: Their greatest and most nuanced album, IMO. This was a revelation when I first heard it, as if someone had thrown Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and Queensr├┐che into a blender, then added an unexpected dose of Queen and Broadway showtunes. This is the album that first got me into power metal, and it's still an all-time favorite.

- Jer
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