Re: My Top 20 AOR/Melodic Rock album of the 00s

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2017-10-01 20:28:04
In Reply To:My Top 20 AOR/Melodic Rock album of the 00s by Pirage
Looks like I have a lot of listening to do since I dont know most of these :)
Blanc Faces - st - Brilliant debut effort from AOR slicksters.
I checked this out when I found the last Find Me album, from your recommendation of course :) I thought it was good but not as slickly produced as Find Me.
19. Starbreaker - st
I don't remember how this one was. I generally find Harnell best when he keeps it down a notch .

17. Harem Scarem - Weight of the World
I like the See Saw/Voice inside combo on this one, the rest of the songs are not as good IMHO. I like their first 2 albums and some of the grungy mid period ones like Voice of Reason. Later stuff not so much, though last one is very good.

13. Marcello-Vestry - st
Checked this one. Pretty good.

11. Journey - Revelation
I know I listened to this back then, but dont remember much . I admire yiur musical memory. I thought it was solid but I think I liked the rerecorded classics more.
10. Pride Of Lions - st
Hitchcock might just br the most amazing rock/AOR singer ever. I didnt really give this a chance until I checked out his solo album. His voice is more powerful and clear on that . after that I had to check out all his work so I registered. It's very good. I wish the other guy didnt sing at all. Btw, I hope we get that promised second Hitchcock solo album soon.

08. Praying Mantis - Nowhere To Hide
Wow, nice find! I camt stop listening to that title track. That's some smooth stuff. These guys have a knack for finding god singers, eh

07. Blanc Faces - Falling From The Moon
Don't recall specifics , thought itvwas good
06. Work of Art - Artwork
I need to relisten. I don't recall it hitting me,like a classic originally
05. TNT - My Religion
I really liked this one.

01. Eclipse - Are You Ready To Rock
I like their Bleed and Scream album, dont recall if I listened to this one as intently. Will check it again.

Great list. Thank you
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