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Date:2017-10-01 05:24:50
In Reply To:Re: September Round Up. by Nosferatwo
H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown
Plenty of great tunes and a couple of departures but I don't mind them. Laters naysayers!
I'm a naysayer. I don't get it. This doesn't sound anything like the band they were. Where the hell's the 'rock'? It's pretty good for a pop record that gets called rock these days, but that style sucks compared to what the band was doing before.
Bastard of Society is not rock enough for you? Shit City is not heavy grooving rock? Best of the Broken is not a grooving rock song? Blind Leads the Blind is a killer heavy rocked song IMO. I don't think you've really listened properly. there are tons of hooks on this thing and that's the thing you go on about all the time as something you need in your music. Look I'm not saying they haven't changed but there are plenty of thick guitars in the songs but the most important factor is that are the songs memorable? Answer is yes in my count. BTW the band is far removed from the classic AOR of the first two albums. Sure they wanna be rock stars since Erik Gronwall came on board. Good luck to them I say, they still ROCK but just want more people to hear them so they have to try more poppy avenues.
Nocturnal rites - Phoenix
Not sure I like it that much but it is very good if that makes sense. Gonna need loads more plays. I just wish the songs had a little more energy but the Tales and Talisman days of speedy melodic runs on the guitars are history.
Conversely, I love this album. It's heavy and modern, but still packed with plenty of great hooks and choruses. Picks up where they left off, which I know isn't what most people wanted. Works for me!
It's a little too modern, grown up and serious melodic metal. They don't have any classic guitar flavors any more. It's good though we just have to completely forget about classic NR.

The only other thing of real note for the month was the new Black Country Communion album, which was better than I was expecting. Pretty good.
I don't do blues so I didn't even listen to BCC. Not even a song actually. Maybe I'll try one.

October is going to be a more loaded month. I've already heard Sons Of Apollo, Europe, Vuur, Skarlett Riot, and Sorcerer, and enjoyed all of them. Should stack up as a great month.
Haven't listened to any of these yet. SoA I doubt it will be for me but I'll give it a shot.

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