September Round Up.

Date:2017-09-30 15:23:13
Stuff I like:

Kee of Hearts - st
Very cool melodic rock. Great vocals and very cool tunes.

H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown
Plenty of great tunes and a couple of departures but I don't mind them. Laters naysayers!

Blazon Stone - Down In The Dark
Great RW worship even the vocals are pure Rolf.

Gods Of Silence - Neverland
Superb stuff. Can't find any fault. Constant plays from me. Joint album of the month.

Threshold - Legends Of The Shires
Never let anyone down. Even though I was worried about them dropping Wilson I needn't have been as returning singer Morgan is in fine form. Songs are amazingly great as always. Production is superb. Joint Album of the month.

Archspire - Relentless Mutation
Absolutely insane tech death. Riffs, vocals and drums machine gun into your brain at rate of knots unheard of by the human ear!

Destruction - Thrash Anthems II
Nice project from teutonic thrash overlords.

Aviator Shades - This Is What We Do
Fun hard rock with sweet riffs and vocals.

Wayward Sons - Ghosts of yet to come
Catchy hard rock. Plenty cool tunes.

National Suicide - Massacre Elite
Basically an Overkill album. A great Overkill album at that! Also hear some Justice/Killem All Metallica. Singer is a dead ringer for Blitz. Ticks all my thrash boxes and provides my only source of neck wrecking this month. Special mention for the song Take Me To The Dive Bar. I lose my shit on that one! But then there's the song What D'Ya Mean By Metal and then I'm bouncing off the walls! \m/

Newman - Aerial
Superbly slick melodic rock from Newman as always. Production is crystal clear. Songs very memorable mostly. The sound is what's most amazing. Lush , clean and heavy.

Galneryus - Ultimate Sacrifice
Amazing as always. Shredding, ultra melodic, Japanese style power/speed metal. Sho the vocalist is easily my fave Japanese vocalist. High and smooth as silk. I only wish he had confidence to sing in all English but I guess their Japanese fans won't accept that. Some of the English sung choral parts are truly epic bliss.

Arkaik - Nemethia
Hard hitting tech death blastfest. The scratchy vox are a bit harsh for me but they are not heard all the time. The normal death growls acceptable. Riffs are set to bludgeon and also with a machine gun like attack.


Tony Mills - Streets of Chance
Nice AOR with high pitched yodelling.

Lionheart - Second Nature
Nice melodic trad metal with some decent choruses and might well make the full list.

Nocturnal rites - Phoenix
Not sure I like it that much but it is very good if that makes sense. Gonna need loads more plays. I just wish the songs had a little more energy but the Tales and Talisman days of speedy melodic runs on the guitars are history.

Ensiferum - Two Paths
Used to swear by Ensiferum albums but now they are fairly pretty much treading water but they are still a quality band of course but I'm not sure how much I like it.

Force Majeure - The Rise of Starlit Fires
Decent new power metal

Númenor - Chronicles From the Realms Beyond
Pretty decent power/folk/black, nice vocals but do I really like it a lot I wonder.

Gross Reality - Escaping Gravity
Decent melodic thrash but a bit weird, not sure about it.

Cannabis Corpse - Left Hand Pass
Funny, heavy death with big grooves and a few tasty riffs.

Mastodon - Cold Dark Place EP
Melodic little ep and not that metal actually.

Ensiferum - Two Paths
Good so far but not amazing. Band treading water but still with quality if nothing else.

Coldspell - A New World Arise
Good heavy melodic rock but not sure how memorable the songs are overall but some good ones anyway.

Gun - Favourite Pleasures
Some very catchy rock tunes and plenty that are not my style.

Hazzerd - Misleading Evil
Decent melodic thrash. Needs more investigation.

Inner Axis - We Live by the Steel
Heavy German true metal. Vocals decidedly average but music pounds and rocks like a beast.

Lonewolf - Raised on Metal
I should immediately like this but I'm not sure I can take the singer. This is basically Running Wild mixed with Grave Digger.

Martina Edoff - We Will Align
Much harder edged but still very melodic album from this sassy Swdush gal. Lot of good things but doesn't immediately make the like list for this month but will probably do so on the next few plays.

Overoth - The Forgotten Tome
Heavy grooving death with great sound. Not sure about it.

Scherer - Battle Zone
Very decent AOR, great vox. Not sure if the songs stand up.

Stan Bush - Change the World
Just nice AORom. Not amazing.

Dismissed after full listen:

Impalers - The Celestial Dictator
Not bad but a bit disappointing trad metal with thrash elements.

Arch Enemy - Will To Power
Obviously has quality aspects but in the end the album is not for me and I won't get repeated plays out of it.

Caligula's Horse - In Contact
Decent modern prog but not for me in the end. Nice sound though.

Cripper - Follow Me_ Kill!
Not my cuppa in the end but some decent thrash songs. Vocals too much.

Eastern High - Garden of Heathens
Didn't interest me in the end. Modern prog dark metal.

Exarsis - New War Order
I should like this but vocals really annoying. Thrash parts ok but and energetic but boy oh boy do those vocals grate.

Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain - Ascension
Melodic but vocals average and song writing pretty average.

Voodoo Six - Make Way for the King
Average hard rock sadly didn't do much for me although I quite liked them when I saw them live.

Wild Lies - Prison of Sins
Hard hitting modern melodic metal. Not quite doing it for me song wise. They've also really gone for a much much heavier, groovier than their early sound.

Dismissed after sampling:
Assacrentis - Colossal Destruction - melodic blaCK
Signs of Reign - New Beginning - prog power
Endless Reign - Perished Memories - thrash core
Undisclosed Dimensions - Awakening (EP) prog death
FB1964 - Störtebeker (2017) - power
Sacredeath - Apocalipse Holocaust - death
Canker - Earthquake - thrash
Hürlement - La Mort Sera Belle - heavy metal
Foreseen - Grave Danger - thrash
Innerforce - From Within - power
Stormwrath - Blood of Cain - death/thrash
Mind Factory - Lacrima - prog metal
Atavistia - One WIthin The Sun - epic melodeath
Autograph - Get Off Your Ass - rock
Mind Ineffability - Prophecies of the End - brutal tech death
Sutrah - Dunes - prog death
Mouldered - Chronology Of A Rotten Mind - brutal old school death

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