Re: The Dark Element (Anette Olzon's new band)

Date:2017-09-30 07:21:56
In Reply To:The Dark Element (Anette Olzon's new band) by Nosferatwo

It's nice to hear Anette back, and this is a cool song. She gets a bad rap, what with the Nightwish tenure that wasn't her fault at all. The solo album she made was pretty good, and this sounds like it could be even better. I'm looking forward to listening to it soon.

I was actually just listening to Alyson Avenue's "Presence Of Mind" just now. Good god that is a fantastic AOR record. It's a shame it's not all that easy to get your hands on a copy of the CD.
I like that tune a lot. Don't hear any Cain's Offering in it though. Sounds more chuggy Nightwishy to me. She sounds great though and much better than in Nightwish. Is it me or has she put on a little weight? :-)

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