Re: Top 20 power metal albums of the Noughties

Date:2017-09-29 14:52:22
In Reply To:Re: Top 20 power metal albums of the Noughties by The Surfing Alien

OK, a few you missed :) :

Tad Morose - Undead
I think I walked out of the store with both this one and the Falconer debut. What a combo that was. The best Tad Morose and one of the best power metal albums ever IMHO. great songs and nice gritty and mostly accentless vocals.
Never was big into TM. Prefer the ones after this probably.

Wolf - debut
No Wolf on your list?? the debut was just so irresistably well done. they didn't really do it quite like that since, though Evil Star album was pretty good too.
Yeah worth a mention if not in the 20 deffo.

Will there be AOR version of these lists? :) I always find a lot of rare gems in your compilations.
I could indeed work on that. I'm a late comer to AOR though. I would say maybe from just after the millennium onwards that I really started liking AOR/Melodic Rock. So I can do one for the Noughties and not the 90s.

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