Date:2017-09-24 06:21:24
In Reply To:Re: by von
With one per nose, Skyclad excluded(:), and the relative order not too set in stone, maybe something this way...?
As expected you cover the old school angle for everyone.

1.Judas Priest - Painkiller
I think I should have included it in the list instead of maybe Domine. Just forgot.
2.Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond
Never been into BG
3.Iced Earth – Night of the Stormrider
Yea I looked at it and should have maybe mentioned in outside 20 list.
4.Sanctuary – Into the Mirror Black
5.Running Wild – Pile of Skulls
Both very good.
6.Grave Digger – Heart of Darkness
Didn't know GD at this time of release.
7.Dio – Lock Up the Wolves
Don't think I've heard the album in full.
8.Rage – Trapped!
Don't know but isn't Rage more thrashy in the 90s rather than power?
9.Exciter – Kill After Kill
Don't know this album but never got excited by Exciter if I can use that lame phrase!
10.Raven – Architect of Fear
Don't know.
11.Doctor Butcher – s/t
I had this on CD and got rid of it somewhere maybe in a trade.
12.Stratovarius – Twilight Time
Don't really like early Strat.
13.Virgin Steele – Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part II
Amazing of course.
14.U.D.O. - Timebomb
15.Riot – Privilege of Power
16.Blitzkrieg – Unholy Trinity
17.Heavens Gate – Livin’ in Hysteria
Don't know these four.
18.Iron Savior – s/t
Good start.
19.Nocturnal Rites – Tales of Mystery and Imagination
20.Helloween – Master of the Rings
Didn't get into 90s Helloween till the Dark Ride

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