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Date:2017-09-23 17:27:54
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In Reply To:Pirage - Symphonic Power Metal Top 10/20? by graham
Enjoyed your top 20 PM list, how about a Symphonic Power Metal one?
I've already started mine.
I'll look into it as well. Ok I had a little delve. I won't go into the order so much but here's a list of 20. Some of them are in the 90s one of course. I always find it's a little difficult to really say what constitutes a symphonic aspect anyway. I just decided to include bands and albums that have somewhat epic choirs or just a lot of keys and somewhat epic or neoclassical feelings. Some of them are also not strictly power metal either. Anyway I'm sure I missed some as there's so many but here's a list I particularly enjoy.

Avantasia - Ghostlights
The recent Avantasia album is perhaps my fave from Tobi although I do like most of what Avantasia does as a theatrical semi symphonic band. Sometimes they are more theatrical like I said than symphonic but I find the two aspects intertwined. I could also have chosen some of their earlier albums such as either of The Metal Opera albums.

Edenbridge - MyEarthDream
With Edenbridge the main draw is Sabine's wonderfully emotive and rich voice. Main composer Lanvall is definitely a very talented guys who has introduced more and more symphony into the band's sound as time has gone on and the ambition has grown. I find this album and Shine to be particularly captivating.

Fairyland - Score to a New Beginning
This French band has been missing in action a long time now but this was great early Rhapsody worship. I remember at the time thinking that these guys have out-Rhapsodied Rhapsody if such a thing was possible. Very epic and mighty with a lot of the same choirs and symphonic histrionics that any Rhapsody fans would go nuts over.

Gloryhammer - Tales from the Kingdom of Fife
The two GloryHammer albums are pretty interchangeable but I'll go with the debut since it was such a huge first step. The symphonic aspects here are minimal but with a huge keyboard presence since the band is led by a keyboardist it has to be included just for the sheer OTT cheese!

Luca Turilli - King of the Nordic Twilight
Made the 90s list and makes this one too. Love this solo effort from Luca. Perhaps less symphonic than the day job but still it has this epic feel and a wide soundscape. One day I need to bust it out.

Nightwish - Oceanborn
One of the best symphonic power metal albums ever of course. Magical feel and a rush of keyboard joy and diving operatic vocals.

Nightwish - Wishmaster
Well I had to include Oceanborn's older sister. Didn't want her to feel left out. Just as good in many ways and the two album pretty interchangeable although it does have a more polished and grand feel than the daring and darting, almost naive, Oceanborn.

Pathfinder - Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
This Polish band is a personal fave of mind from some time ago now. I think the band lost the singer which is a shame. The music is wondrously free flowing power metal with a lot of keyboard, choirs, the works, basically.

Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands
The album has legendary status in my musical arsenal. Talked enough about it but at the time of release it was like holy crap..have you heard this Italian band Rhapsody?

Orden Ogan - To The End
Perhaps not truly symphonic but one Orden Ogan album has to make the cut. Their choirs are so monstrously massive that it washes over you like a huge tidal wave. For that alone they need an album in this list.

Xandria - Neverworld's End
The Nightwish clones from Finland were almost better than the real thing at this point. If you're gonna copy the most successful and famous band from your own homeland, then make sure you do it bloody well and they did bloody well alright. I see they've lost yet another singer now which is too bad.

Dragonland - Astronomy
This Swedish band is not really a regular releaser these days but back early on in the 2000s they were one of the best symphonic power metal bands in Scandinavia in my opinion with Astronomy being a huge fave of mine. Great singer too and I had the fortune of catching them live once when they supported Falconer.

Delain - April Rain
Had to include one Delain disk so I went with the debut which showed that they could be the Dutch answer to the Euro/power/symph/goth movement. A great look and epic songs. Not sure I've ever fully loved any albums since but the quality is always there.

Bal-Sagoth - Battle Magic
Ok this is a departure as it's not power metal at all but it is very "out there" when it comes to OTT keys and symphonic elements. The band is no longer around but always had magnificent and triumphantly cheesy elements that fan of the classical elements of music can appreciate.

Within Temptation - The Heart of Everything
Had to have one WT album in the list so I'll go with this. It's hard not to fall in love with Sharon when she sings and the songs are all so memorable.

Therion - Vovin
Not strictly power metal again of course but at the time of Vovin I was playing this to death. I was loving the OTT choirs and the ambition of the epic music and the myriad of vocal styles.

Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest
Yet another Nightwish clone from Finland. Singer problems again so they've swapped around a bit but new singer Capri is perfect for the band. I love the classic Nightwish cloneage here.

Kenziner - Timescape
More shreddy neoclassical but still with symphonic compositions. A personal fave of mine from back in the day. Of course they were trying very hard to be Stratovarius but it totally worked in my opinion with spectacular riffs and epic song writing.

Stratovarius - Destiny
Speaking of Strat here they. Can't really leave them out totally as they have big foot in the symphonic camp IMO. I need to listen to this album again one day. How many times have I said that about an album now? :-)

Turisas - Battle Metal
More of a folk inspired symphonic band but the debut Turisas album was so spectacularly good with triumphant keys and an epic feel. I just felt it was worth an inclusion here athough it's borderline whether you consider this symphonic or not.

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