My Top 10 Heavy/Power Metal albums of the 90s

Date:2017-09-17 06:43:10
Edited:2017-09-17 06:59:32
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Angra – Holy
This came along; I’d never heard anything quite this fast, melodic and quite diverse. Probably Angra’s best and it was pretty much all down hill from this.

Sonata Arctica – Eclitpica
First time I ever visited Helsinki I was given this from my mate, who got them signed and gave them their name. Raw and unsophisticated yet has a beauty that a lot of the albums that followed don’t have. Also I nearly fell over when I saw my name in the thank you’s for pimping them relentlessly since the Full Moon demo.

Nightwish – Oceanborn
Still my fave NW album and as close to perfection as they have ever come (Once is a split hair) Still finding their way, Tarja sings her heart out, to the full onslaught of the power metal soundtrack. The scream on ‘’The Pharaoh Sails To Orion’ is worth the price of admission alone.

Kamelot – Siege Perilous
First album with Khan and my first ever phone interview with the man and I was shitting bricks before he called and was such a nice guy to talk and for this Siege will always hold great memories and lots of anxiousness.

Stratovaius – Destiny
I could have picked any number of Strato releases, but I think it was this one that really grabbed me and made me a big fan of them.

Labyrinth – A Return To Heaven Denied
With Olaf riffs and Tyrant’s vocals, killer songs and a very big production, this one is one Italy’s finest power metal moments, an album that I don’t think they ever bettered.

Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle-Earth
This was my music tester for headphones, speakers and any system for many year. Besides the massive production, the concept the huge sounds this album still is BG best for me and I don’t think they’ll ever top it.

Manowar – The Triumph Of Steel
A band that I loved in my teenage years but haven’t bothered with for a long long time. This was not their best, my favorites are from the 80’s, but this one they really indulged with an epic 28-minute opener and a closer that always has me close to tears.

Rhapsody – Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
A toss up between this and the debut, at the time there was nothing like this, massive cheese, filled with orchestral choirs and a fast galloping sound.

Gamma Ray – Somewhere Out In Space
Again tough to pick just one GR release for this decade, but this one always stood out for me, the blistering title track, the whole Spacey theme of the album seals it for me.
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