Revolution Saints - Light In The Dark

Date:2017-09-07 17:27:18
What's everyone's opinion on the couple of new songs that have been put online for the upcoming album?

The first time I heard them, I'll admit I was a bit underwhelmed. They've gotten better with a few more listens, but the first album was so good that they weren't at that level. They had me a bit worried about the fate of the album.

I've just had the chance to listen to the whole thing, so I can say that my inclinations were sort of right. I'm not saying the record is bad. It isn't. It's still very good, and far better to me than a lot of the stuff Frontiers has been putting out (Wayward Sons is boring, Dirty Thrills is awful, LA Guns sound like a disaster in the waiting), but it's not anywhere near as good at the first album.

I don't know who wrote what, so I can't say if the usual suspects didn't contribute as much this time, but it's lacking some of the sheen and hooks. It's good, but that's all it is. Compared to what they already put out, it's disappointing.
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