Re: okeydoke...going to youtube

Date:2017-09-07 14:48:35
In Reply To:Three recommended releases ... by Uziel
1) Gods Of Silence - Neverland (Switzerland)
I actually saw this but ignored it. But you're telling me it's good so now I'm trying a song and I must admit it's very impressive. Melodic power/heavy but not too prog just how I like it. Lovely production. Very solid heavy vocals. Thumbs up! All over it!
2) Eastern High - Garden Of Heathens (Sweden)
This got a couple of mentions on the other side however I didn't think to type it in youtube. Well now I am. Hmmm. Listened to two songs. Garden of Heathen is an Ok song. Listenable indeed. The second song Eyes of Heaven has odd vocals at the start but then gets quite interesting. Nice pacing too. Prog dark metal in style? Something like that? I'm intrigued to try all but I might not like it as a whole if I get bored during my listen but I'll give it a go.
3) Neverlight - Nova Red (USA)
Sounds ok indeed but I might give this a miss. Some nice symphonic elements though and fairly unique sounding. Does seem worth a listen but probably will not make the cut for me.

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