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Date:2017-09-02 15:29:06
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This 9 CD re-release series from Noise Records is pretty cool. I've been listening to 3-4 of them and enjoyed the new energised sound.
Are you saying the new versions are significantly better sounding than the originals? In other words, would you recommend them as essential for the people into Running Wild who already have the band's catalog?
No not essential but the first 3-4 albums are super raw and these have the sound amplified at least if nothing else. Those old productions weren't loud enough and I'm not even considering the clarity aspect.
The first two albums are too cult and old school for me so I passed on those albums.
I think the first two are among their very best, Branded and Exiled being my probable favorite.
I already knew you'd chime in on this. I just don't like that dirty more evil sound let's say. When they started the pirate theme I started to like them. Heck my fave Wild album is not even part of this series. I am a huge fan of The Rivalry. Adore that album.
I started with Under Jolly Roger. The sound is thicker and fuller but still not perfect by today's standards but the rawness adds to the charm and is very enjoyable indeed. The energy and the rawness of classic 'Wild bounds out of the speakers and hits you in the face. You also get 2 re-recorded versions of certain songs from a few years later than the oriiginal album although they are supposed to sound better the difference is minimal.
I haven't checked out the re-issues, and probably never will, but I am curious to know how many bonus tracks do these things include on average? Are some of them the re-recordings from the First Years of Piracy albums?
It's mixed. Some have more than one recorded version of a song with little noticeable difference to me. The bonuses shouldn't really be the draw for this series. Just the fact that all the original 9 have received a 2017 remaster. The extras are different throughout and by the by for me but someone who wants to say buy one out of the nine should investigate for themselves. I recommended Death or Glory btw.
Next I played Death or Glory. This is a classic Wild album for me.
It is, one of the best for sure, if not THE best one. Is "Wild Animal" EP still a bonus?
Next I listened to Port Royal. It's not an album I know well though I do have the original I think though I don't recall but it surely needed a remaster as it still sounds pretty dull and raw. Only the remaster brings out the volume to acceptable levels.
It was a pretty muted album, to be sure, but if you blast those old things right, it sounded passable. It was indeed in need of a facelift.
The remaster for PR was well needed. It was actually less needed for Death or Glory but that's still the better album IMO.
I haven't tried Blazon Stone, BHI and Pile of Skulls and no interest in the first two as I said earlier. I should try BHI I guess since it is a classic. The album I recommend most from the Noise Re-issues is definitely Death or Glory.
Then you simply must go for Blazon Stone and Pile of Skulls, it's that style, and both albums are excellent. Black Hand Inn has that Jorg Michael double-bass element, like Masquerade.
I have those albums in original CD release. Like I said BS and PoS are both good but not my faves though I do love BHI. It's a Wild classic.
If you're an old school bullet belt wearing maniac then you'll probably be wanting the first two raw offerings lol. I'll stick with the pirate era!
You should listen to them again, without thinking about what you've read or what someone said - the first two are great slabs of classic 70s Priest/Di'Anno Maiden style;)\,,/
I dunno. Maybe I'll try a song or two but that raw style just doesn't do it for me really.
BTW Rock n' Rolf is interviewed in the liner notes about each album so you get a bit of an insight into each album etc.
Rolf has shown himself to be quite a bit of a bullshitter/liar, so don't put much faith/respect in his words:)
Yeah I know but HE is the band to me. He's the Cap'n. So if he says man the cannons! that's what we do!!

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