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Date:2017-09-01 16:22:51
In Reply To:Re: August Round Up by John Frank
Plus a few from 2016 thanks to that dodgy guy JF and his 2016 post haha!
Walpyrgus - Walpyrgus Nights
Thanks to Guillaume and others for finally forcing this down my throat. Very good melodic classic trad metal. Great vox too.
Many folks dig this. I did not. I will give it another shot.
You're now, notoriously, impossibly, very hard to please haha!

Foredoomed - Ordeal
I have mostly given up on melodeath but this I love. Melodeath at its best for modern times IMO.
Will bump it up in the queue.
Give it a shot but I doubt you will like it. It has quite a lot of clean vocals.
Gracepoint - Echoes
JF to the rescue. Very good melodic prog without being so proggy that would bore me. Great vocals too.
Woo hoo! Gracepoint deserves more accolades.
Yep agree. They are mostly unknown.
Skyfire - Liberation in Death
One of my fave ever melodeath bands returns with an appetiser. Only 4 tracks but the quality is there for all to see. Lovely keys as always in this band.
Was rather blah for me. Will try again later, as I own most of their discography.
Very harsh and mean....tut tut
Spectrum Of Delusion - Esoteric Entity
Tech death whirlathon. Vokills a bit dodge but OK. Music is warm, fluid and melodic with twangy and clean bass.
Will bump it up in the queue.
I think you'll like this but who knows.
Inanimate Existence - Underneath A Melting Sky
As I was saying death metal ruled and this was probably the best of the lot. Just a fantastic and amazing tech death listen. Epic fret wizardry!
Did not do much for me. I own their first two, but I passed on their 2016 disc. Weird that they already released another one.
That's bad. I'm actually surprised. The widdly is mentalist. Get wit it bro! :-)
Jack Starr’s Burning Starr - Stand Your Ground
Jack returns once in a blue moon with an album of true cult heavy metal. This album is an enjoyable listen held together superbly by vocals from Todd Michael Hall if I'm not wrong. Some triumphant melodies but production is a bit raw or flat by today's standards.
Will add to the queue. Never got into them in the past though.
And you won't now.
Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky
I almost didn't bother with this but curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a bash. Lo and behold it's bloody great. The music is absolutely wondrous and they've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it. The singer can get a bit drowned out or overwhelmed at times and it's hard to actually hear him and a more powerful voice would've been better but he's ok for a nondescript prog metal singer whilst the music continues to amaze.
Will bump it up in the queue.
Well you like some Sym X so there's hope who knows.
Wraith - Revelation
80s trad throwback. Heavy riffs and melodic vocals. Enjoyable but not amazing but good enough to be included.
Will add to the queue.
Doubt it but you never know.
Pentakill - II- Grasp of the Undying
Heavy hitting music with Jorn singing. Very heavy and pretty melodic but definitely should have some fans in metal community.
I do not need to try this, do I?
No not really. Try one song if it's on youtube vut the chances of you liking this are like 10% at best.
Dendera - Part One - Blood Red Sky (EP)
Little EP from my English homies. Very heavy but perhaps not as memorable as I was hoping.
Seemed decent upon first listen to me.
Yeah I need to try more.
Degreed - st
Solid hard hitting modern melodic rock. Not sure about some of the songs but it's mostly pretty OK.
Will add to the queue.
I doubt it will move your world but you never can tell.
The Haunted - Strength in Numbers
A strong release especially the heavy and lean production. Songs can be boring but some good ripping tunes as well. Just a mixed bag which I'm not sure is enough to please this old bastard.
Did little for me.
Yeah that won't be for you that's obvious.

Attic - Sanctimonious
Far too grim and black sounding King Diamond copy. Amazing vocals though!
Yeah, I own their previous stuff, but I am going to pass on this one, I think.
Yeah leave this.
Portrait - Burn the World
Another KD worship band to go with Attic. Better produced but again the song writing does very little for me.
Yeah, I own some of their previous stuff, but I am going to pass on this one, I think.

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