Re: August Round Up

Date:2017-08-31 13:21:40
In Reply To:August Round Up by Pirage
Serious Black - Magic
Melodies not as immediate as Mirrorworld but still amazing in their own right. I will spend hours and hours and become fixated with this. I know I already love it anyway. One thing I do know is that the production is actually way heavier and better than the last album. Plus the album starts to reveal more and more of its charms the more you listen. Still album of the month!
I agree that it's good, but as many times as I've gone through it now, I still don't think it compares to "Mirrorworld". I find "Serious Black Magic" ridiculous, and it's hard to write convincing lyrics about magic and witches. The concept puts me off. I like it quite a bit, but it won't be near the top of my list, and it probably doesn't crack my Urban top five. (Tabula Rasa, Shades Of Art, Mirrorworld, Matters Of The Dark, Nosferatu)

Otherwwise, it was a slow month, I thought.

September will hopefully be better. There's the new Nocturnal Rites to look forward to, which is awesome. I've probably listened to it ten times by now.
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