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Author:The Tall Dwarf
Date:2017-08-22 07:32:17
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So Sabatons own festival is over for this year and I thought I would write a little bit about it.

It's a great little festival that's really well organized and the area is fantastic. It has a really familiar atmosphere. The artists walk around the area and watches shows so you bump in to them every now and then. I ran in to the Sabaton guys, the guys from Eternal of Sweden, Civil War, Narnia and many more and they mostly take the time to chat with everyone who wants to. This year there were vistors from over 40 countries and they sold almost 17000 in total over the three days (Wednesday had free admittance) which were a new record for them.

I worked with artis transportation during the festival so I missed some bands like Eclipse, Freedom Call and Shadowquest but me and a good friend had the pleasure of being the drivers for Dirkschneider during the their stay so it didn't matter. They really were a great bunch both the band and the crew and we had a great time driving them while talking about a lot of stuff.
Man this line up is bloody great. Love to have been there. So many bands in melodic rock and metal that I enjoy. You missed Eclipse. That's sad. They would've blown you clean away. Amazing live band.
I've seen Eclipse before and yes they are a really great liveband.

So what bands did I get to see then?

Cryonic Temple
The had really bad sound problems but fought hard and delivered an ok show. Luckily for the singer you couldn't hear the vocals in the beginning of the opening song since he later told me and my friend that he started with singing the wrong song :)
Lol. I really like their album.
Yes the new album is really good. Man of a Thousand Faces is a great song that's stuck in my head since the show.

Brothers Of Metal
I love this band! I love that they don't take themselves too seriously and they seem to have really fun while performing. Ylva Eriksson both looks like and sings like a goddess. They more or less perfomed the entire debut album and threw in Swedish Pagans as well. They drew a really huge audience and the tent they played in was packed with people.
Man I would kill to see these guys live. The BoM album kicks my ass badly. The gal's voice is just superb. I adore her!
You won't be disappointed if you get to see them. Fantastic liveshow :)

Udo is always Udo no matter what he calls the band. I saw this tour last year at Sweden Rock and they never disappoint. The only let down is that they never make any changes to the setlist. They could really skip some of the songs and play some more obscure Accept songs now this far into the tour. Everybody has already heard the regular songs more than once. It was a bit surreal to understand that the screaming angryu little man on stage was the nice quiet little old gentleman we picked up the day before at the airport :)
Saw them live last year. It was a hell of a lot of fun.
I saw them at Sweden Rock last year so I've seen two shortened festival sets. Luckily they come to my hometown of all places later this year so I get to see the full show.

Power Quest
The singer isn't the best one around which got really clear when he song only to some piano. That was actually kinda horrible. Besides that the show was ok with som bad sound here and there. Nothing I would pay for to see if/when they return to Sweden.
That's weird 'cause the singer is great IMO. He fits perfect in the band when I saw them live and I'm seeing them live again soon twice supposrting Dragonforce and a headline show as well.
Maybe he had a bad day but he wasn't any good at all.

They really showed everybody else how things should be done. The really were in a league of their own (so far) and crushed all competition. It was the last show on their festival run so the guys were all smiles and really enjoyed themselves. They had possibly the best sound I've ever heard on a festival. Crystal clear and no problems at all. Since it was an anniversary show for Glory to the Brave they had some guests on stage for some songs. We got to hear I Believe (not very often they play it at all) with Joacim singing only to an acoustic guitar, a violin and two hurdy gurdys (not quite but thats the closest you come in translation. Nyckelharpa is the swedish word) and it was just amazing. After that the played an instrumental medley of songs from Glory to the Brave which went in to them playing the entire The Dragon Lies Bleeding. Finally I got to see thos two songs live so I got to sleep a happy man. Joacims voice was fantastic. He seems to be better and better with every year passing. All in all it was a fantastic show.
Last time I saw Hammerfall they were the same as always. Professional and fun!
I will probably see them again later this year when they're doing a small clubtour in Sweden. Should be fun to see how they act on a small stage.

I don't like the vocals on their last album but he was better live. They played a solid set of songs from their three albums in front of a quite small audience.
Don't like the singer either, but I'd check them live.

Eternal of Sweden
I really like both of their albums so it was fun to see them perform live. They were as good live as they are on CD and I really enjoyed this show. The audience grew bigger all the time and I guess most people had never heard them before. After all half the audience on the Saturday is there only for Sabaton.
Well the recent album was not my cuppa at all and a big let down, but I guess I'd check them live as I like the debut.
They are really good live so it's well worth to see them.

I like Evergrey in small doses on CD. It turned out that it's the same when the play live. It's not bad by any means but it got boring afte a while.
Seen them live a few times. Always were great to be honest. Maybe you just don't like their music.
I like them quite a bit but I heard a lot of people saying the same thing. They started out great but after a while it just got boring.

Steve Harris British Lion
To see Steve Harris on a small stage in a northerns Swedish town wasn't something I though would happen. But there he was with his British Lion project. They actually were a lot better than the CD is so I enjoyed the show. They had a pretty big audience but it's not hard to figure out why :) The singer is not the best one around since he sings in the same tone through the entire show.
I'd check them out but their album was extremely boring so I doubt the songs will transfer live.
Yeah the album is really boring but the songs turned out a lot better live. Big surprise since I was prepared for a really worthless hour.

So finally it was time for the festival organizers themselves to enter the stage. As usual there were gazillions of fire, bombs and firework throughout the entire show. This year it was the 10th year anniversary for the festival so they celebrated that by playing a rather unusual set of songs. Besides that it was the usual fun with the band fighting over playing Swedish Pagans or not and so on. Great show all in all but Hammerfall knocked them out this time.

Ghost Division (duh!!)
The Art of War
Blood of Bannockburn
Swedish Pagans
Attero Dominatus
The Last Stand
Panzerkampf (not played since The Art of War tour)
Wehrmacht (Second time ever they played it live)
Screaming Eagles
Carolus Rex (Swedish)
En livstid i krig
The Lost Battalion
Winged Hussars
Night Witches
Primo Victoria
To Hell and Back
Sabaton is Sabaton. Live fun is guaranteed!
Yes they always deliver big time.

I had a great time and will return as a driver next year.
If Eclipse come back don't miss them this time!
It depends on if I'm driving an artist or not. Hopefully it will be som big name next year too :)

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