Recent/Upcoming Stuff (Serious Black, Incura, Nocturnal Rites)

Date:2017-08-19 10:58:36
Here's what I've been listening to lately:

Serious Black - Magic

With even more listens behind me, my opinion on this has been solidified. It's a very good album, and easily bests their debut. There's three or four great songs, but it just doesn't rise to the same level for me that "Mirrorworld" did. It doesn't help that I'm not interested in the concept. Still, a solid contender for the tail end of my Top Ten list.

Incura - Incura II

I absolutely adored their first album. It was a bizarre hodgepodge of prog, hard rock, and cheesy musical theater. It was weird, energetic, and fun as hell. The promised follow-up never seemed to come. It dropped on Bandcamp out of the blue, without the band even mentioning the album existed until it was out for three days or so. Weird. Also weird is that everything I loved about the first album is absent here. It's not bad, per se, but it has none of the spark of the first album, nor any of the flair. It's a big disappointment.

Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix

I just got this one, but I couldn't resist listening to it three or four times already. I won't spoil too much of it, but if you liked the two tracks they've put online already, you'll love this. It pretty much picks up right where "The 8th Sin" left off, which I consider great news. The long wait for this one didn't lead to any disappointment. Best power metal album of the year so far, easily.
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